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NetCom has Services Designed for Your Profession

NetCom for Professionals

Need we say more? One location or many, NetCom intranet, extranet, commerce, and social networks are scalable and custom-designed to fit your needs. We offer highly specialized packages for health, financial, and other professionals.

  • High resolution video/telemedicine
  • E-prescription
  • HD Audio/Video Conferencing
  • Electronic Patient Records
  • Digital Libraries
  • Voice (VoIP)
  • Internet and Internet2
  • Accounting Solutions
  • Remote Data Storage and Back-Up
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Training
  • Industry Specific Solutions.

Confidentiality is easy with the NetCom private fiber-based network.

HD Quality so perfect, it's almost like being there!
NetCom voice services, also in HD!
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